Department of Transportation/Substance Abuse Professional Services

Alliance Counseling Services works with employers and individuals to comply with Department of Transportation (DOT), 40 CFR Part 40 Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs, for the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Employer Services:

Any or all of the following services may be provided to companies with employees in “safety sensitive” positions as defined by the Department of Transportation:
a. Needs assessment to determine range of services needed for your particular company
b. Customized policy and procedure development
c. Coordination of assignment to random testing pool, lab services (cost of test not included) and referral for medical review officer (MRO) services
d. Supervisor drug and alcohol trainings (1 hour each)

All of these services may be performed for a one-time cost, which includes:

  • On-going telephone access and advice for any questions that may arise around substance abuse
  • Issues for yourself and your employees.

Should someone test positive for drugs or alcohol, your company will receive a
discounted rate for:

  • Full service Return-to-Duty Process counseling, record keeping and reports

Employee Services:

We can also provide direct services to employees or job candidates who test positive:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Post-Evaluations documentation to employer
  • Referral to treatment and/or education
  • Follow-up recommendations
  • Treatment/education monitoring
  • Testing schedule
  • Follow-up Evaluation


Psychotherapy, Counseling & Life Coaching

I offer knowledge, compassion, insight, and concrete tools to help you overcome barriers and create real joy in your life. With over 20 years of experience helping people make positive changes in their lives, I respect each individual I work with and honor their unique path to living an optimal life. Using a variety of traditional and non-traditional, practical and, when appropriate for the individual, spiritual techniques, I design an approach that best helps each person analyze and establish personal goals, find methods to reach them, work through past wounds and become the person they want to be.

I can be particularly helpful if you are struggling with relationship issues, addictive behaviors, or any personal challenge that is causing you distress. Finding resolution and creating more happiness in your life—mentally, emotionally and spiritually—with concrete tools leading to improved self-worth, is one of my specialties.

As a Participating Provider for the PA Department of Health, I provide Outpatient Gambling Counseling Services, funded by the Commonwealth, for individuals who quality. Based on household income, number of family members and county in which you live, the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (DDAP) has a program to fund all or part of the cost of treatment for those in recovery from compulsive gambling addiction. You may call without obligation to see if you qualify and to determine the assistance that is most appropriate for you.


Individuals, Couples, Adults, Gay Individuals and Couples


Compulsive & Problem Gambling
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence
Grief & Loss
Adjustment to Life Changes
Academic/Career Counseling
Life Decisions
Life Transitions
Gender Identity Issues